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The Testing Process Explained



Take our 2 minute quiz to help assess if you may benefit from being further evaluated for genetic cancer testing and to determine if you may meet the medical necessity for no cost testing. The quiz itself, is not a test, but rather a questionnaire to help determine risk so you can be prepared to talk to a doctor about further evaluation of your personal and family history of cancer.

This simple, 60-second quiz is a voluntary screening tool we offer to help individuals receive preliminary information to get the conversation started with a physician to discuss their risk of cancer and ask about further evaluation for genetic cancer testing. Information entered into the quiz is not stored, kept or shared.

These questions are based on the clinical guidelines doctors use to determine whether you should be tested for a hereditary cancer syndrome.

"I've seen too many patients who had no idea they were at a higher risk. When it comes to beating cancer, early awareness is the key to making a difference. Cancers caught in Stage 1 have more than an 80 percent survival rate."Jonathan Weinstein, MD,OBGYN

Take the Quiz!


Request your No cost cancer screening kit.

If you have taken the risk assessment quiz as directed in Step 1 above, and your re3sults indicate that you may benefit from additional screening, please proceed with requesting your no cost, cancer swab kit by following the steps below.

We have made the process seamless. Once you have received preliminary information that may benefit from further evaluation for genetic testing, we would like to speak with you to further discuss your results.

You will use the secure calendar on our website, to request an appointment.

One of our trained genetic tele-medicine triage nurses will the contact you via phone, at your requested time, to perform an intake interview and review your personal and family cancer history, the potential benefit from genetic cancer as well as go over medical necessity.

If it is found that you meet preliminary medical requirements that indicate you would benefit from genetic cancer testing, you will be then have a tele-visit with one of our doctors who specialize in genetics. During your tele-visit, the doctor will review information with you and will give the final determination of medical necessity, if they deem you would benefit from genetic cancer testing. The doctor would then order the appropriate test.

Afterwards, your at home swab kit will be mailed to you. The kit will include instructions on how to self-administer a saliva sample collection for testing. Also included, will be a prepaid return label to return the kit to be processed by our labs.

*IMPORTANT*: Though you will be receiving an at home cancer swab kit, we believe in testing responsibly, so you will be supported by our network of licensed healthcare professionals from board-certified doctors who specialize in genetics, genetic counselors, triage nurses and a personally assigned certified GCSA Healthcare Advocate in your area, that will be your point of contact to provide support at any phase of the testing process to ensure your testing experience is a successful and beneficial one.

We have a nationally recognized tele-medicine platform that facilitates each phase of the testing process from pre- to post-test phases, for our Hereditary Cancer Screening and Pharmacogenomics testing. They provide HIPAA compliant patient history, documented medical necessity as well as the patient test results follow up. Genetic counseling is also made available to patients.

For your convenience, we have provided a Family History Questionnaire form, that you can fill out online so you can be prepared and have that information available when we contact you during your appointment time.

Click here to fill out the Family History Questionnaire form.

Please note: Once you fill out the Family History Questionnaire form, it may be saved, downloaded and/or printed out so you can keep a physical copy for your records.

Request Your No Cost Kit!



Once you have completed your intake interview and spoken with one of our doctors and the doctor orders the appropriate test, your at home cancer swab kit will be mailed to you.

The kit will be shipped FedEx ground (7 day shipping) and you will be emailed a tracking number if you opted to provide that information to be contacted through that method during your intake interview.

Once you receive the kit, follow the instructions inside of the kit to collect an optimal saliva sample. Use the return prepaid label to return the sample to be processed by our labs for testing.


  • Before providing your sample, do not drink (even water) for 30 minutes
. Collecting saliva too soon after drinking anything, including water, dilutes your saliva and reduces the amount of DNA.
  • Before providing your sample, do not eat, smoke, or chew gum for 30 minutes
In addition to diluting your sample, you could be introducing non-human DNA to your sample.
  • Bubbles do not count
If you’re undergoing medical treatment that reduces your white blood cell count (such as chemotherapy), it’s best to wait until your white blood cell count has returned to normal before providing a saliva sample.


We are committed to securing your privacy through full compliance with HIPAA and an active privacy program.
Your samples are processed by our in-network CLIA certified, CAP accredited labs that meet the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recommended requirements, and federal standards for quality, accuracy and reliability of tests.

Our labs offer the most comprehensive genetic cancer screening panels that are FDA approved, with the most reliable advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.

Our labs disclose test results only to the requesting healthcare provider/designee, and not to anyone else (including insurance carriers) without your written permission. As mandated by HIPAA, our network requires all members to undergo privacy awareness training and has implemented administrative and technical safeguards to protect patient privacy.

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Once your sample is shipped to the laboratory, results will be returned to the ordering doctor and provided to your primary care physician, per your selected options. Results are available within 10–21 calendar days (3 weeks on average).

Genetic counseling is made available to patients post-test to help them understand the results and work through to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.

There are three possible results: positive, negative, or variant. Watch our video to learn more, by clicking here.

Based on your results, you can work with your doctor to develop a proactive plan focused on prevention or maintaining your health. You can also speak with ’s genetic counselors about your results.*

Why would I want to talk to a doctor that specializes in genetics as opposed to my primary care physician?

There are many doctors that are not abreast of the latest in genomic science advances. Many doctors are not specially trained in the areas of genomic studies, to be able to provide comprehensive information on the matter as a doctor who specializes in genomics can. Further,  many practices do not have labs connected to their practice with the advance Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to perform the test.

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