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Eligibility Checklist

Before proceeding to request your at-home, no cost, cancer testing swab kit on the calendar below, please review that you meet the eligibility checklist below. If you do not, we invite you to return back to our site, if new information arises that may be cause for further evaluation.

Make sure you meet the following criteria

Taken Quiz

You have taken the risk assessment quiz and it was determined that you would benefit from having further evaluation done. If you took the quiz and your test informed you that you do not meet the medical necessity guidelines for testing, please do not proceed. If you have not taken the risk assessment quiz, please click here to do so now before proceeding.

Eligible Insurance

You have confirmed that you are a recipient of one of the insurance plans, we list on our site. To review the accepted insurance plans that allow the genetic cancer testing to be at no cost to you, please review the "Insurance we accept" page, by clicking here. *Please Note: Our program is currently not available in the states of New York and New Jersey.

Committed To Your Health

You are committed to and serious about gaining insightful information about your health, your potential health risks, as well as potential steps you can take with a healthcare professional to safeguard your health. If you are committed to and able to follow-through with your appointment and instructions given to complete the process to have a successful and beneficial genetic cancer testing experience, please proceed. If you are unsure and/or, would like more information, please review the video 'Why do people undergo Testing?', by clicking here.

Schedule Appointment

Use the calendar below to select a day and time from the appointment slots available, that works best for you. We currently perform intake appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Your appointment should last no more than 15 - 25 minutes (15 minutes on average). On the screen that follows, you will find the documents and instructions you need to prep for you initial phone contact with a nurse.

Once we have received your appointment registration, you will be contacted at the time and day you selected. You will receive a courtesy email reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

*Available appointment slots are indicated by the light blue shaded boxes. Place your mouse cursor in the box of the date that you desire, and click to see available time slots. Choose the time that is right for you and proceed to complete the appointment registration.

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